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/r/freebies is holding a contest! Design an /r/freebies themed mobile icon and banner, and you could win reddit gold and some flair!

The admins are sponsoring contests to make mobile icons and banners for subreddits, so /r/freebies is jumping on the chance to get some free gold for our artists! Plus, we'll give you a fancy "Contributor" flair! (Also, if someone wants to design a "Participant" flair image, we'll give them a fancy "Contributor" flair!)

Here's a great example  
/u/alphalpha_particle for /r/AskReddit.

  • The Mobile Icon must be 256×256 pixels (PNG or JPG only).

  • The Mobile Banner should have a 10:3 aspect ratio (PNG or JPG only) with a minimum size of 640x192px and a maximum size of 1280x384px.

  • The "Participant" flair image should be roughly 16×16 pixels (PNG or JPG only).

Good luck, and thank you for making our mobile experience better!

[Free Sample]

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