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1: The comments [on the political freebies] are ridiculous, can we have a mod comment please?


Since this community isn't just the mods, what is your opinion on political, religious, and otherwise polarizing freebies?

Personally I feel the same as this poster and is reflected in our FAQ. A valid freebie is a valid freebie, and having them completely banned should be an absolute last resort.

So that leaves us with the  
section. Now that reddit supports locking threads, it's possible to have automod automatically lock threads with certain keywords or URLs. I'm hesitant on implementing this because these threads do get  
that are 100% relevant to the freebie (such as "they send a lot of spam emails" or "is this a required donation"). Unfortunately, mods have to go IRL sometimes, so we can't be here to manually remove  
that would fall outside of "100% ontopic", and automatically locking these threads ends up being basically another "all or nothing" situation. This seems like the most viable option, though.

That's more or less where we're at now. Getting the community's opinion before implementing a change like this is important to me, and I'm curious what your opinions and possible solutions are.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for being a part of our community!

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