Free Chic Fila Chicken Sandwich

 Free Chic Fila Chicken Sandwich
Free Chic Fila Chicken Sandwich

So, Chic FIL A has a cow game with three clues to geographic locations each week. If you get all three right, you get a free food reward. This week was the Chic FIL A chicken sandwich.

The game is easy, even if you suck at geography like me. Basically a trivia question with a location as an answer and you have to choose from like five pins on a map. Once you choose a pin, you get a Streetview of the location, and then have to move your camera around to look for a circus burger stand. The cows the come and destroy the stand in some way. Kinda cute actually.

My first time playing and I got all 3 right. Not sure if you’re allowed to get any wrong or answer more than once.

Game took like 5 minutes to play, didn’t require an install (probably requires you have the Chic FIL A app) and instantly put the sandwich in my rewards. It says I have to order the sandwich within a week.

It also enters you for a bigger sweepstakes and apparently if you do all 18 clues you’ll get double entries. New clues every Wednesday so I guess this will be going for six weeks.

You’ll need a chic FIL a account to log into the game.

Not sure what the prizes will be like week to week, but their chicken sandwich is great.

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