Share what you ordered in the comments so other people can find it!

If you need some ideas on what to get here’s some ideas from the comments in the last shop cash post a couple weeks ago:


Branks BBQ Spices https://shop.app/p/8625649156407

Meowijuana Catnip & Treats https://shop.app/p/1380575117398 or https://www.meowijuana.com/products/samples

(if you checkout with shopcash from a website in your browser when you checkout you have to go to alternative payment methods > shop cash pay in full)

Ghost pepper Bhut Jolokia Powder chile hot spice https://shop.app/products/5284826284200 (for r/spicy advocates)

Sample Poly Mailer Pack https://shop.app/products/6972931473579

2XL Bully Max Winter Hoodie with 11x boost https://shop.app/p/4603589328963 (thanks to u/cupittycakes/r/freebies/comments/176pf2o/comment/k4ofbet/)

Any design of nap wraps from this company https://shop.app/p/6747671232555

If you like arts and crafts this shop has a bunch of different diamond paintings to choose from: https://shop.app/m/x3bd98mpgf

Cajun Seasoning Spice 2oz https://shop.app/products/6215491354802?variantId=38100269957298

Hazelnut coffee sample https://shop.app/products/7615148392630?variantId=42282310828214

Havoc energy drink mix sample https://shop.app/products/8128953614581?variantId=44022239625461

Team Keto shaker with 6 meal replacement. Had a 6x boost. https://shop.app/p/6945170948254

Addams Family print https://shop.app/p/4594249990211

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