Howdy! My name is Diana and I am currently a Dental Hygiene student at Plaza College, Forest Hills, Queens NY. My school offers COMPLETELY FREE dental cleanings in order to meet our hygiene program requirements for graduation. We are over seen by a group of registered hygienists and dentists. If you haven’t been to the dentist in a long time or don’t have dental insurance to help pay for a dental cleaning, this is the place to get you back into shape at no charge at all.

My school offers a variety of treatments: – X-rays of your whole mouth – Referrals to other institutions for cavities at a discounted price – Regular cleanings and deep cleanings – Fluoride treatment – Sealants – Denture care – And a comprehensive periodontal charting to help you learn more about keeping your teeth healthy!

I am also a Spanish speaker and we have students who speak Cantonese, urdu, farsi, Russian, and Polish.

We also see children from ages 2 up ⬆️

Please leave a comment or you can call & leave a message or text at this number: (240) 424-0601 It would be my greatest pleasure to help out anyone in need!

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