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How does the community feel about "I wouldn't take it even if it's free" type comments?

You know which ones I'm talking about. You've probably downvoted them, and occasionally even upvoted them. They're quick "this is stupid", "I wouldn't take this if it were free" type  
that don't explain WHY the poster thinks it's stupid or why they dislike it strongly enough to  
. How does the community feel about those  

Should we leave them alone or make a rule against them?

To be clear: you're always going to be allowed to dislike the company/ideals the freebie represents (although please don't downvote valid freebies) and, except in extremely polarizing cases, will be allowed to  
WHY (as in, a  
that has content to it) you dislike it, regardless if anything comes of this thread.

[Free Sample]

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