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[META] Scammers and you, how to tell what freebies you should avoid and how you can help prevent our community from having it's personal data sold to nefarious parties.

/r/Freebies is a community that is about to hit 700k subscribers in a few weeks. Because our entire subreddit is based around clicking on links to input personal information in return for the chance of a free physical product, we are a very easy target for spammers and scammers to go after. Every single piece of data you give to a /r/freebies post is used and sold in one way or another; it can be used for microtargeting you for specific ads, it can be used to influence your political decisions, it can be used to target you in a hacking attempt using compromised password data, etc.

To counter these types of scammers, double check the details behind the website and who runs the site using some of these methods

Does the site have more than just the homepage and the freebie webpage?

Does the site you click on reddit redirect you to another site that is different than the site advertised?

Does the OP of the post have a sketchy background with broken English, many upvoted popular posts with little to no  
, or asking you to click on their Free Sample that has nothing to do with the company involved? (Freebie aggregation sites are the worst at this due to the allowance of known scam freebies attached to their website.)

Does the site have an established social media presence on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc that is not sketchy and has many followers?

Was the site recently created after a WHOIS domain lookup?

These are some of the common signs of a spammer that you should immediately report with the Reddit report button attached to every post or  
. We as a mod team love reports because we can easily see that users found a rule breaking post and take action. It's better to report and allow us to verify rather than let a scammer roam around collecting thousands of data entries to sell off to nefarious parties.

If there is anything you take away from this post, if you ever see ANYTHING sketchy on /r/freebies, please report it immediately to prevent people from getting scammed.

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