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PSA: An announcement on etiquette and also a few changes to the sub!

So in recent Saturday Suggestions Threads (and in quite a few popular freebies submissions threads), we've noticed that a handful of people either don't know or ignore how to practice common courtesy, especially regarding the companies and people providing the freebies!

As such, we've come up with an Etiquette List, and hopefully people will read this and be a bit more decent. We realize that there's really no way to enforce common courtesy, but we'd still like to believe that everybody can be reasonable.

The Freebies Etiquette List:

  • Don't order an insane amount per freebie. Sure, something may seem really cool and useful and you'd like to use a lot of it, but keep in mind that ordering a large amount of freebies takes away from others who couldn't even order just one.

  • It'd be cool if you don't sign up for stuff you know you won't use in the future. It takes away from others who know they would use it, yet can't order the sample because it's out of stock.

  • Don't lie in the requirements for a freebie (this has been noticeable with a lot of BIZ ONLY freebies). It's just doing a disservice to the companies who are giving away freebies. Again, this ties into abusing freebies that shouldn't be available to normal individuals in the first place (i.e., if you don't own a business).

  • For food freebies at restaurants, always remember that waiters need tips! Even if the food itself is free, your servers aren't getting compensated. (This is pretty much exclusive to the U.S.)

  • If you find a freebie submission really cool or useful, don't forget to upvote it! It's a good way to show your appreciation towards the OP.  
    explaining a bit more about the product or the ordering process are really useful too, so it's always nice to upvote those  

Some sub changes:

  • Both Suggestion Saturday and Hump Day will now be monthly instead of weekly!
  • Check out our new and improved wiki page!

That's all for now! Thanks as always for reading, and keep up the good work. You all are an awesome, generous, and helpful community 🙂

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